You guys want to review gas stoves? That's what we heard when we shared the idea with our close ones. Well, no matter how weird it might have sounded in the beginning, but that's what we were hell-bent upon doing, and that's what we have done.

Who We Are?

We are just a bunch of people who love their kitchen and everything that is in it. Since we loved the kitchen, having a gas stove that met the requirements of our culinary adventures was a must. After a bit of research, we got what we were looking for, and also got exposed to some real-life insights on online gas stove shopping in India.

In our quest for finding the right gas stove that would suit our requirements, we observed one big marketing gap in the way gas stoves are sold online. That gap was the lack of guidance and adequate product information. The product listings on the popular shopping platforms were pretty technical and didn't tell much about the "Why?" of shopping for gas stoves online.

Eureka! Gas Stove Khoj was born. We created this gas stove review site so that people across the nation could derive logical inferences on the product attributes for the gas stoves they intend to buy.

What Will You See On This Website?

On our website, you would see the most exhaustive reviews of all the major gas stoves that are being sold online in India. You would also get critical cues on why you should buy a particular gas stove. In the end, we feel we are not doing anything special, we are here to assist you in buying a gas stove that serves your needs.