Glass top gas stoves are trending and gaining popularity rapidly. Equipped with a modern look and high-tech functionality, glass cooktops already replaced the stainless steel gas stoves a few years ago. The reasons why a glass top gas stove is highly preferred among Indian consumers are its sleek and glossy look, packed with automatic ignition, safety features, and easy to clean. Now among popular brands, local and unheard brands are also running in making glass top stoves. Though it has the same functionality as other modern stoves, it comes with a learning curve. So you have to learn its basic functionality along with the advantages and disadvantages of a glass top gas stove to have good control and know your cooktop in a better way.

It is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of a glass top gas stove in detail if you are planning to replace your existing gas stove with a glass top one.

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Advantages of Glass Top Gas Stoves

Below we have shared the main glass top stove advantages and benefits it offers.

1. Versatile look

The current kitchen market is loaded with stylish glass cooktop gas stoves. The premium quality glass adds sturdiness and a sleek and stunning look to the stove. Modular kitchens are highly popular these days and glass top gas stove adds a complementary look to any modern kitchen.

2. Uniform Heat Distribution

Unlike other cooktops, a glass cooktop efficiently distributes heat. They are packed with a sealed compartment that allows heat to distribute uniformly. On the front of safety, this glass top is an amazing thing. Its top is highly designed to resist high temperatures. Overall, this amazing feature of the glass cooktop makes it stand out from other popular stoves.

3. Modern Features and Functionality

Automatic ignition is another ultimate feature that most consumers look for in their proposed gas stove. An automatic ignition source saves lighter or matchbox expenses as it automatically lights the stove when you turn the knob on. The glass cooktop gas stove is packed with auto-ignition along with other safety features such as flame failure safety, digital timer, child lock, 360-degree rotatable knobs, and more.

4. Durability

This is the most important feature of the glass cooktop. Glass is very delicate in nature, but the glass used on cooktops is highly compressed to make it toughened and long-lasting. Glass cooktop is constructed to withstand even heavy cookware. In addition to durability, glass also has rust resistance features. No matter how premium quality stainless steel is used, one day it will corrode. But on the other side glass never corrodes. Being equipped with high strength and high resistance to corrosion, the glass top gas stoves carry high durability. So it is highly demanded in Indian houses. Ensure you follow the manufacturer's guidelines to make it long-lasting and to prevent the risks of damages and scratches.

Disadvantages of Glass Top Gas Stoves

Listed below are the disadvantages that you should consider before you buy a glass top gas stove.

1. Cost

Glass top gas stoves are relatively expensive as compared to our conventional stainless steel gas stoves. The reason behind their high cost is the need for precision machine engineering for their finish. Additional high-tech features also add to the cost value.

2. Cleaning

Gas cooktop stoves require gentle and attentive cleaning. Avoid cleaning glass with an abrasive scrubber or hot water. Cleaning is a big headache, especially for busy or working buyers.

3. Breakage

A glass is prone to breakage, placing a hot pot on glass can raise the risk of glass breakage. Accidentally, if any sharp or heavy object falls down on the glass, this can also result in glass breakage.

4. Scratches

It is another main disadvantage of a glass top stove. To avoid scratches and stains, avoid dragging the pots and pans on the glass surface. Avoid using rough or sharp vessels and abrasive cleaners on top.

Final Words

We hope this post would give you a clear idea of what to expect from glass top gas stoves. This stove type looks appealing but you need to be extra careful when considering buying one for your kitchen. Toughened glass with ISI certification can offer you an optimum level of security.

In a nutshell, if you aspire to have a modern and stunning gas stove with modern functionality, go for the glass top gas stoves. But do consider these advantages and disadvantages of glass top gas stove before you make your final decision.