Getting the right gas stove is important. Among tons of freestanding stove options, hobs are trending and gaining more popularity. Here in this post, we have for you every type of advantages and disadvantages of hob that you need to know.

Gas hobs and stoves are both safe and durable cooktops but they are different from each other on several attributes with respect to their design, functionality, and features. A gas stove is a conventional freestanding body type cooktop that comes with basic features and on the other side a modern, fuel-efficient hob is packed with an array of exceptional features.

Built-in-hob is the most appealing appliance of the modern kitchen. Our conventional gas stoves are bulky and visible gas pipes also hamper kitchen look and design. So on the front of looks, a built-in hob is a better option to give seamless look to any kitchen.

In some terms, a gas hob is a better alternative option, and some of the advantages and disadvantages of a hob are defined below. Read the article thoroughly and find out gas hob advantages and disadvantages and what parameters would be suitable for your kitchen and cooking style.

Advantages of Built-in-Hob

First, let’s get to the advantages of a hob to know how they stand apart from the rest stovetop types.

1. Smooth and Glossy Surface

The first impression of the hob is its modern, lustrous, scratch-resistance top. Modern hobs are available in stainless steel and glass to offer buyers varied choices to grab as per their kitchen style and design. Though both are easy to clean and maintain.

2. Automatic Ignition Source

Built-in-hobs offer an auto-ignition source system that eliminates the need for a lighter and matchbox. Auto-ignition source system also saves fuel as it lights the burners with just a click.

3. Multiple Heat Control Choice

A modern hob features low flame and multi-flame burners that offer different temperatures for cooking different recipes. Unlike a conventional gas stove, a built-in hob offers high temperatures that can be controlled by the interior and exterior ring of the burner. Burners are also made using enamel-coated cast iron to offer great sturdiness.

4. Slim and Sleek Design

Modern hobs are a better choice to improve kitchen aesthetics and cooking style as compared to our conventional gas stoves. A stylish hob with a durable glass finish can offer you the best cooking experience and the best look to your kitchen style.

5. Top-Notch Safety Features

Equipped with hi-tech safety features like flame failure function, child lock, and timer function, the hobs are a better option on safety parameters. Modern hobs are highly safe to use at the domestic as well as commercial level as compared to traditional gas stoves. A child-safety lock is a standout feature in hob and is useful for parents to save kids from altering the setting of hobs.

6. Efficient Cooking

Once the built-in hob is installed, the position of the hob remains fixed. It settles down on the kitchen countertop sturdily and easing the heavy vessel's accommodation. Cleaning a modern hob is also a breeze as it is packed with a spill-proof design.

Disadvantages of Gas Hob

Here’s what you should know before you buy a hob for your kitchen. Let’s get to the disadvantages.

1. Professional Installation

The installation process requires a professional learning curve that increases your expenses. Plus, replacement also incurs additional costs. Hence they are expensive as compared with conventional gas stoves. A complex installation is one of the biggest cons of the hob. Furthermore, replacing or changing hob positions is also a tricky and costly task and can also damage the kitchen appearance. Though, popular brands also offer reliable and professional services to their buyers.

2. Electricity Charges

There are varieties of hobs available and few of them are charged using electricity. Consumers who are used to LPG or PNG supplied cooking ranges; take time to get used to it. Plus, electricity enables hobs to increase electricity bills. They become a big headache if your area has frequent power cuts.

3. Costly

The other main downside of the hobs is that they are relatively expensive. As compared to conventional stoves, they are costly and maintenance and replacement charges also increase expenditure.

Final Verdict

Built-in hobs are available in a variety of sizes ranging between 2 to 5 burners. Plus, the material choices are also numerous in built-in hobs like glass, ceramic and stainless steel. These advantages and disadvantages of hob would certainly be helpful to those who are planning to remodel their kitchen.

We hope this article on gas hob advantages and disadvantages serves your purpose well. Ensure you read the hob buying guide to grab the best one for your kitchen. If you are aspiring for a comprehensive buying guide, then let us know in the comment section. We would love to help you out.