Buying a gas stove is a tricky decision when options are numerous. There are a lot of factors one needs to consider while buying this high-utility and durable asset for their home. The stoves vary on various factors like number of burners, types of burners, placement of burners, ignition system, material infused, pan support, etc.

Brass and aluminium are two main burner types available in gas stoves. Both are absolutely safe, fast, energy-efficient, and cook food properly. But they are slightly different from each other. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and brass burners feature beautiful gold color. While aluminium material is found in the earth's crust. Aluminum burners are more traditional than brass burners.

Now, let's see get straight to aluminium vs brass burner: which burner is best for a gas stove?

Aluminium vs Brass Burner

Below we have differentiated the aluminum and brass burners so that you can make a better decision if you're looking for gas cooktops, range tops, etc.

  • Aluminum burner stoves are widely used since they are economical. But brass burner stoves are pricey and there are plenty of hi-tech features that make them expensive. One with a tight budget, can go with an aluminum burner gas stove.
  • Aluminum burners can heat up quickly as they are less dense than brass burners. But their heat retention is not as long as brass burners. 
  • On the front of safety, aluminum burner stoves are not very safe but brass burners are quite safe. Gas stoves equipped with brass burners are good option for you, if you have children at home. 
  • Aluminum burners don’t exhibit high durability but on the other side, brass burners possess high durability and long lasting life. Being a long term asset, brass burner stoves are good option to opt as they have long life span. 
  • Next, the main drawback of the aluminum burners is that they require frequent maintenance. On the other hand, once the brass burners are set up properly, the maintenance needs are very rare if you care properly.
  • Supply of aluminum burner stoves is quite less as compared with brass burner gas stoves. Modern buyer prefers safe, fuel-efficient, durable gas stoves and all these features are present in brass burner stoves. That's why they are widely applicable. 
  • Aluminum burners have low melting point whereas brass burners boast high melting point.  Due to this feature, brass burners are resistant to stain and withstand high temperatures too. 
  • Brass burner stoves are far better in terms of corrosion-resistance than aluminum burner gas stoves.
  • The another main advantage of brass burner is that they can work very well with outdoor weather conditions too. 
  • Brass burners look elegant and clean, and can add aesthetic look in any kitchen. However aluminum burners have old traditional look. But it’s a matter of choice, you can buy anyone as per your taste. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these commonly asked questions on burners and gas stove.

  1. Are brass burners worth it?

Brass burners are modern gas element and also ideal for cooking any Indian food. They rarely need replacement or repair. 

2. Do brass burners alter color?

Yes. With high exposure to heat, brass burners change color with time. 

3. How do I choose the right gas stove?

Check stove size, material, number and type of burners, knobs quality, drip tray, pan supports, etc. 

4. Is it safe to use 3 burners simultaneously at home?

Yes it is absolutely safe. Ensure you don't put any hot item on cook top. Avoid cleaning when it’s hot. If you follow required measures, it’s absolutely safe to use 3 burners parallel. 

Final words

This is one of the most common questions in aluminium vs brass burner: which burner is best for a gas stove? Through this post, we tried our best to provide you authentic information you determined to know about aluminium vs brass burner. To understand which to grab, you should also know what your need is. Both brass and aluminum material heat up quickly and also distribute heat evenly. 

Aluminum burner gas stoves are one of the traditional gas stoves however brass burners are most common today. Both aluminum and brass burners are suitable to cook Indian foods including delicate foods like fish, etc. 

If you aspire to have a durable gas stove, brass burner gas stove is a good option. Now you know the merits and demerits of both the burners. Choose the stove according to your family needs. 

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