Well truth be told, even today as of 2022 - Most of us don't actually give due credit to the ease of use that an auto-ignition gas stove can bring to our life. That's the reason why there is still a huge market for gas lighters in India. In fact we have covered and reviewed the best of them on our site too. Well this post is all about the merits and demerits of the auto-ignition gas stoves, so let us be on to it now. 

To begin with let us understand what basically an auto-ignition gas stove is. Well it is your regular gas stove that does not need a match stick or a lighter for ignition. It saves time and curbs a lot of pollution. Every year millions of trees are cut to make match boxes and that is something everyone in India should take note of considering the present health situations of the country. 

Auto-Ignition System in Gas Stoves

Widely speaking there are two types of auto-ignition systems in the gas stoves that are used prolifically in India as well as globally. One is the traditional or manual system and the other one is electronic. 

Traditional systems have stones and other similar material to generate the igniting spark, and the electronic ones use batteries to generate the spark. However there are many merits and demerits of both the systems. We are here to discuss something else here so we will keep it short. 

Traditional auto-ignition systems are prone to malfunction and need a lot of care when compared to the electronic ones. On the other hand the electronic ones need only battery replacement from time to time, there are some electronic auto-ignition systems (the high end ones) that can run on your home’s AC supply. So, yes they are a bit more expensive, however they are way more convenient any day. No wonder the best auto ignition gas stoves in India generally have electronic auto-ignition systems. 

It's not like you have a choice here, none of the brands in India offer their customers a choice on whether to choose a manual or an electric auto-ignition system for their favorite gas stove. Well, let's get back on course now. 

Pro’s of Auto-Ignition Gas Stoves

Here are some of the merits of going for an auto-ignition system: 

  • Faster ignition
  • Saves times 
  • Care free operation 
  • Very safe

Cons of Auto-Ignition Gas Stove

Here are some of the demerits of an auto-ignition gas stove 

  • Generally expensive 
  • Might need regular maintenance 
  • Traditional ones are prone to malfunction 
  • The gas stoves with auto-ignition are generally more expensive than regular ones

So, this is it folks! Hope you would now have better clarity on the matter. Do write to us if you need any help in buying the best gas stoves in India online. Our team would be more than eager to help.