If looking out for a state-of-the-art heating and cooking surface has been proving difficult, you can consider buying a cooking range since it comes with the option of multiple burners along with a high volume electric oven inside. These cooking ranges can be counted amongst the best cooking range brands in India and serve as a superbly-functional cooking and heating element with a multitude of options that ease your everyday cooking struggles.

However, it is not an easy task to go online and select the ideal cooking range that suits your life and culinary requirements. Thus, we have stepped in to make your life bliss. Our experts have done a neat and suave job in creating this assortment of the best cooking range in India which contains all the necessary information that will satisfy your questions and help you make a quick purchase decision. This article contains the following.

Best Cooking Range Brands in India

It is a daunting task when you have to find the ideal cooking range brand from a sea of options available online. More so, when every brand claims to serve you with their best product. Thus, our assortment of brands made based on extensive research can help ease your struggle.

  • Carysil
  • Sigma
  • Sunflame
  • Kaff
  • Jindal
  • KAB

Take a pick amongst these and you will be greeted with scrumptious cuisines all your life!

Best Cooking Range in India in 2022

With your struggles in finding the best brand, finding the ideal product that suits your needs, is also real. Hence, our experts have curated this list of the best cooking range in India which will eliminate all your doubts and confusion and smoothen your purchase process.

Photo Title Price Buy
Carysil FSCR-01 |...image Carysil FSCR-01 | Free Standing Cooking Range | Gas oven with 62 Ltr capacity | 4 High Power SABFF Burners | Digital timer with an LED display (Silver) ₹60,490.00

It will be easy pickings in terms of food and serving excess guests once you select from any of the above.

1. Carysil 4 Burners Stainless Steel Auto Ignition Cooking Range (Black)

Superlative auto-ignition cooking range

With this kind of cooking range, your investment will always be in the right place. Carysil has done a brilliant job by churning out one of the best cooking ranges with a plethora of options for quality cooking and culinary experiments that you can do to your heart’s content.

This cooking range blends in seamlessly within any kitchen and can be a real asset. With the 4 Italian Sabaff burners and the superb electric oven, you can transform yourself into the chef you always wanted to be!

Key Features:

  • 4 Italian Sabaff burners
  • 62 litre electric oven
  • Under-knob auto ignition
  • Double glass oven door
  • Thick pan support
  • Variable burners help you with variable volumes of cooking
  • Supporting accessories and thick pan support

2. Sigma Classic Gas Stove with Oven 4 Burner

4 burner electric gas stove

With this superb product from the house of Sigma, your food will always be irresistibly delicious and warm whenever you want. The glass top makes it convenient for you to clean as per your use of the product.

This superb cooking range from Sigma is not just amazingly functional, but it also has a neat finish and looks that make it an ideal fit for a stylized kitchen or a home with great interior decor.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty and rust-proof stainless steel product
  • Designer style handles creates an overwhelming aura
  • 4 burner gas stove oven
  • Ideal for warming food
  • Easy controls with large knobs
  • Professional style continuous grates

3. Carysil 4 Burners Sealed Stainless Steel Gas Cooking Range - FSCR-01

High-quality cooking range

Carysil has wowed its customer base and also intelligently carved it into its competitor’s customer base with this neat and furnished cooking range with 4 burners in a sealed stainless steel body. What more could you ask for?

With this all-rounder cooking range, cooking comes naturally and flexibly to you. The free-standing cooking range can be easily integrated into your kitchen without any effort or hassle. Enjoy lip-smacking cuisines at the batting of an eyelid!

Key Features:

  • Digital reminder with LED display
  • 62 litre gas oven
  • 4 high power burners made from Italian Sabaff
  • Full stainless steel body
  • Supporting accessories makes cooking even more convenient

4. Sigma Classic Gas Stove with Oven 4 burner

Classic 4 burner gas stove oven

Sigma has again proved why it is trusted by millions when it comes to kitchen appliances that will help you make a neat and wholesome meal within minutes! With this gas stove with a 4 burner oven, you will be the master chef you always wanted to be!

This grey-colored glass-covered 4 burner gas stove from the house of Sigma blends naturally with your beautiful interiors. The multiple features and functions make it a top choice for the lady in the house who wants to be revered as a great chef!

Key Features:

  • 4 high-grade brass burners
  • Glass wool thermic isolation
  • Large knobs make control easier
  • Tray and grill in the oven
  • Glass on oven door makes cleaning and controlling convenient

5. Kaff Cooking Range with Stainless Steel 4 Burner Hob, Black, KTM 60

Excellent quality cooking range

Kaff has single-handedly become one of India’s favorite kitchen appliances brands with its awesome cooking range. You can trust Kaff’s products like this superior quality stainless steel 4 burner hob cooking range to be amongst the best in the market.

The black finish body with a front black makes it one of the best products in the market that will meet your eye and match your stylization and functional needs. The adjustable legs will help the cooking range fit nicely and blend with your cool kitchen interiors.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel hob with 4 gas burners
  • A triple flame burner is also present
  • Auto electric ignition makes it highly convenient for usage
  • Adjustable legs makes for a brilliant fit
  • 59 litre electric oven with 250 degree thermostat

6. Sunflame 4B 66 PT 4 Burner Gas Stove

Sublime gas stove

Sunflame is one of the best in the market with its promise of the 4 burner gas stove that helps the kitchen appliances brand retain its position amongst the top 10 cooking ranges in India. The vitreous enameled oven cum grill chamber is the user’s delight.

Amongst the multitude of products, Sunflame 4B is one of those rare cooking ranges that have variable-sized burners, with a triple burner being one of those 4 burners. The separate hot case operates with the oven and gives you a neat finish along with the promise of superb functionality.

Key Features:

  • 4 burners on top including a triple burner
  • Electric ignition feeds the top burners
  • The oven-cum-grill chamber comes with thermostat controls
  • The oven-cum-grill chamber is vitreous enamelled
  • Toughened glass top cover eases cleaning hassles

7. Carysil Stainless Steel FSCR-02 4 Burners Gas Cooking Range (Silver)

Freestanding first-rate cooking range

Carysil has carved out its place amongst the best cooking range brands in India with pride and perfection after dishing out its highly coveted FSCR-02 cooking range. The full stainless steel body gives you the promise of durability.

The varied sizes of Italian Sabaff burners make it easy for you to cook various volumes of food at any moment. This free-standing cooking range can be integrated with any kitchen interior.

Key Features:

  • Enamelled and thick pan support
  • 4 different sized Italian Sabaff burners
  • Underknob auto ignition promises convenience and ease of control
  • Full stainless steel body
  • Free standing feature gets it integrated in any kitchen

8. KAB 60 Multifunction Electric Oven abaf Burners Cooking Range

Multifunctional electric oven

KAB has brought out one of the most high-rated products that are the envy of the neighbor and pride of the owner! Yes, this multifaceted cooking range can be counted amongst the top 10 cooking ranges in India at this moment.

The big triple ring burner can be used to cook heavier volumes of food when your house is bombarded by guests. Variable-sized burners help in cooking different volumes of food according to your wish.

Key Features:

  • 4 gas burners of variable sizes
  • 1 big triple ring burner
  • Electric oven with the 60 cm cooking range
  • Top and bottom heating element makes it multifaceted
  • Enamelled pan support and convection fan
  • Stainless steel handle provides awesome support

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cooking Range in India

Don’t burn a hole in your pocket and your life by investing in the wrong product when you are looking to buy a cooking range. Consider the following points before making a purchase decision.


Look out for the number of burners, types, the material of the burners (brass or steel), variable size of the burners, and several other features like performance settings which can prove to be vital before you make a purchase decision.

Digital settings

Digital settings and controls come for many functions that are available with the cooking range. Look out for these controls and how they function so that your life becomes easier and you don’t have to invest in the wrong product ever again.

Other features

Storage drawers for pans and pots, enameled pot and pan supports, easy-to-clean steel grates, and self-cleaning ovens are the essential features you should look out for before you make a hasty purchase. Also, do an inquiry for the brand’s support and how flawless it is so that you are saved from a bad day in the kitchen when things get out of hand.

Now that you have the necessary information, go ahead and take a pick amongst the best cooking ranges in India in 2022 to make your life and culinary experiments easy!