Indian cuisines are mouth-watering but to make them more enjoyable and delicious, they should be cooked perfectly well. For perfect cooked food, you need a good level of culinary skills and excellent kitchen appliances. A fuel-efficient and sturdy kitchen gas hob can create magic in any kitchen. To make your search easier, we have attached the top 10 best hobs under 12000 in this post.

They are 100% safe, durable, and also possess good looks to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen. These models are available online as well as offline. For online purchase, we have attached the amazon links along with this review post.

In our list of best hobs under 12000, the top rank is secured by the Faber Hob / Hobtop 3 Brass Burner. The hob is encapsulated with amazing fuel-saving, toughened material and temperature-resistance knobs among the most notable features. The other main highlight of the stove is anti-leak technology with joint-less welding at the end of gas pipes.

Our Pick

Faber Hob / Hobtop 3 Brass Burner

Best Hob Under 12000 in India

High quality, top performance, amazing features, what else one wants? An amazing buy for all buyers.

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But the model is quite heavy which could trouble you during relocation. If you could manage with this issue, the model is outstanding to grab under 12000. Elica Hob 3 Italian Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top holds our runner pick-up position. During product inspection, we found a few outstanding features of this stove. The stove has a modern look with a spill-proof cooktop. This auto-ignition system is pretty easy to install.


Elica Hob 3 Italian Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top

Best Hob in India With Auto-Ignition System

Auto ignition, 2 lotus burners, and an amazing performance. This one has got great looks too.

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The stove doesn't perform well at sim operations. Overall it is worth a purchase. And our budget pick-up rank is secured by the iBELL 555GH Hob Gas Stove which might be the perfect choice for our budget-conscious buyers. The main highlights of this stunning gas hob are four high performer brass burners, toughened glass cooktop, an auto-ignition source system, and black glossy color. The hob is designed to offer user-friendly functions for convenient cooking.

Budget Pick

iBELL 555GH Hob Gas Stove

Best Hob Stove in India With a Long-Lasting Performance

Durable, solid body, and good on looks too. This one is in the budget and fits every pocket easily.

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The only con about this gas hob is that one burner is different in color from the other three. Apart from this, it is a versatile product for financial-savvy buyers. Our list of the best hob under 12000 doesn’t end here. Keep reading the post to learn about more advanced and user-responsive hobs available online.

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Top 10 Best Hob Under 12000 in India With Amazing Performance

In this post, you’ll find the top-quality automatic and manual ignition source hob under 12000.

  1. Faber Hob / Hobtop 3 Brass Burner
  2. Elica Hob 3 Italian Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top
  3. iBELL 555GH Hob Gas Stove
  4. Whirlpool Hob 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove
  5. Greenchef Kelvin HOB Auto Ignition Glass Top Gas Stove
  6. Glen 4 Burner Built-in Glass Hob
  7. Wonderchef Octavia 4 Burner Glass Hob Top Cooktop
  8. Sunflame Hob Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove
  9. Alstorm Italian Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove
  10. Padmini Forged Indian Brass Burner Built-in Hob

And here we are with their in-depth details for your best buying decision.

Take a look.

1. Faber Hob / Hobtop 3 Brass Burner

To operate the desired cooking zone, the Faber hob is equipped with high-quality knobs. The scratch-proof toughened glass top ensures that it does not lose a glossy look even after years of use. The notable safety feature is anti-leak technology with joint-less welding at the end of gas pipes.

The product is bulky in size. Overall it is the perfect hob under 12000 and a must-buy.

2. Elica Hob 3 Italian Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top

Our runner pick-up is outlined with rust resistance texture to give long-lasting performance. The stove is equipped with one big lotus and 2 medium lotus burners. The model has an elegant look and is also easy to use.

But it frequently flames out at sim operations. Besides this, the modern look of this gas top would perfectly go with any kitchen.

3. iBELL 555GH Hob Gas Stove

Our next top product from iBell is also well packaged with amazing features. The hob model offers a great level of efficiency due to being incorporated with brass burners. The hob is also very easy to clean. It also has strong anti-skid rubber legs.

It's European style so the flame output is not high. But overall the hob is excellent for Indian cooking.

4. Whirlpool Hob 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

This hob from Whirlpool is packed with high-efficiency multi-ring 3 burners. The intellicook brass burner offers high efficient flame levels. The product comes with 10 years warranty on toughened glass and 5 years on brass burners and gas valves.

After-sales service is not very effective and prompt. But this hob model is best suited for Indian cooking needs and has got high flame and smooth sim options.

5. Greenchef Kelvin HOB Auto Ignition Glass Top Gas Stove

Our next selection is also ideal for Indian cooking requirements as it boasts high-efficiency jumbo burners. It also has smooth and heat-resistant knobs. In addition to these highlights, the hob has 7mm toughened glass and firmer grip legs. The product also comes with a two years warranty from the date of purchase.

The hob is not suitable for PNG case pipe connection but on LPG connection it serves its purpose well.

6. Glen 4 Burner Built-in Glass Hob

The model is stain-resistant and easy to clean. It is constructed using sturdy material and covered with an 8 mm thick toughened glass. The glossy black color enhances the beauty of the modern kitchen.

A customer needs to pay installation charges. Besides this overhead, this Glass Hob with European sealed burners is an ideal choice for under 12000.

7. Wonderchef Octavia 4 Burner Glass Hob Top Cooktop

This hob in black and glossy look has 8mm toughened glass for controlling heat and is more responsive when compared to electric hobs. The other main specifications of this model are 2 years warranty, ergonomic knobs, forged brass burners, and stainless steel drip tray.

The model is not ideal for rust as it seems like the hob has a shoddy paint job. This apart, the product is sturdy to use long term.

8. Sunflame Hob Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Our next choice has already gained lots of customer positive responses being a stunner model at a reasonable price. The gas hob is manual and equipped with brass burners that provide a good and universal flame.

But during our testing, we encountered that the heating process is slower on the large burner that might have some manufacturing issues. Overall it is the best hob with burners ideally suited for Indian cooking

9. Alstorm Italian Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

The stove is equipped with heat-resistant Knobs and is perfect for longer cooking durations. As it is made of durable materials and packed with excellent features, the Alstorm model gained huge reviews on several famous shopping portals too.

The auto-ignition system of the small burner doesn’t work properly. Apart from this issue, this model is unique and perfect for Indian cooking.

10. Padmini Forged Indian Brass Burner Built-in Hob

This best hob under 12000 comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. The product is incorporated with a battery-operated automatic ignition and thus it is electric shockproof.

The gas inlet is on the right side, which may not be ideal for you if you’re looking for a left-side gas inlet pipe. Overall on the front of design and performance, the hob offers top-notch features.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

Here are our product testing strategies! Our team worked so hard to shortlist these products. These top 10 hobs were tested multiple times in different processes and to make these strategies transparent to our readers, we will share all the details in the next section.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our team selected the top 50 best hob models that have a high selling rate in India. These models went through multiple testing processes. Our team members, who are engineers, local sellers, housewives, and cooks took a total of 30 days to test them.

Then these products were shortlisted to top 10 by two team experts who were passionate about efficient cooking and had great proficiency in gas stove working and operations. Our testing strategies are based on several parameters like extensive cooking requirements, cleaning, maintenance, durability, etc.

Our team strives hard on determining the best hob under 12000 in India. More details on our testing strategies are described below, take a look.

Who This Is For

This review post contains the top 10 products that provide high-level efficiency and are designed to accommodate heavy utensils effortlessly. You can grab these hobs if you are:

  • Homemakers
  • Restaurant owners
  • Interior decorators
  • Considering replacing the old stove
  • Purchasing a hob for the first time
  • Searching for technically advanced and superior quality hob under 12000
  • Yearning to purchase an energy-efficient, durable, and high longevity hob that is trending in 2022

How We Picked

Our team shortlisted these products by rating them on a scale of 1 to 10. The rating was based on the following parameters. Here we have highlighted a few parameters, take a look.

  • Functionality: The rating is based on the hob's endurance, durability, efficiency, etc. Our team ranked the hobs according to their functional performance.
  • Appearance: Modern consumers prefer lightweight, sleek, sophisticated gas hob. The products are ranked according to the overall looks and design quality.
  • Durability: The gas stove is a long-term asset used by every home maker. Hence it must have long-lasting durability. We rated products on their durability.
  • Price: The cost should go well with the standard, quality, and features provided by the product. We have collected the best hob under 12000.
  • Warranty: The higher and the hassle-free warranty period, the better it is. Our shortlisted products come under a good warranty period.
  • Maintenance: Due to the daily wear and tear a gas hob needs to be rough and tough. The rating is based on the low maintenance needs.
  • Safety: The safety of flammable appliances is a top priority. These selected products in our list of best hob under 12000 follow high safety standards.

Our Picks

Check out the best hob under 12000 in India 2022 and pick the best one for your kitchen.

Final Verdict

If you are aspiring to pick the best gas hob for your modern kitchen, then we would suggest our top pick, Faber Hob / Hobtop 3 Brass Burner.

In case you are looking for another quality gas hob with a versatile design, then our runner-up, Elica Hob 3 Italian Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top, is a perfect choice.

If you want the best quality on a budget, then our budget pick, iBELL 555GH Hob Gas Stove is an excellent choice.

Now, we have got the best hob under 12000 with their main highlights listed for you. What's your favorite gas hob, share in the comments. Also, mention which source system you would prefer- autoignition or manual?