Our heart leaps every time our nose gets a whiff of mouthwatering dishes getting cooked. Be it in our own household or any restaurant, delicious cuisines always win our hearts with their exquisite tastes and rich varieties. As popular opinions suggest, cooking becomes a great deal easier as well as much safer using gas regulators which assure a smooth delivery of fuel at the pressure and flow rate required by the appliance.

Here, we will be your attentive guides to help you select the best gas regulators available. Trust this buying guide, because we are going to consider different aspects and explain what works for a variety of situations so that you can select the item that is best suited to your needs.

How to Use LPG Gas Regulator Properly

Gas cylinders, regulators have become an ongoing cause of concern for many people. A large proportion of India’s population has been living in fear regarding abrupt explosions and terrible accidents. Here are some points on using a gas regulator safely.

  • The seal must be in a good condition. If it isn’t, then gently remove it making sure you don’t damage the brass valve that the seal fits into.
  • The regulator must be clean and in a good condition. Turn the plastic knob on the side of the regulator and check that it is working correctly.
  • Carefully push the regulator onto the top of the brass valve, hold it down and turn the plastic knob. Do not force anything.
  • If the regulator installs correctly you may hear a short hiss or pop as the gas is released. This initial flow will push the seal into position sealing the regulator to the valve and the hiss should stop.

Top LPG Gas Regulators in India - 2022

Here we’ve listed some of the top-rated LPG gas regulators in India curated by us with special care. It will help you to make a wise buying decision quickly.

Photo Title Price Buy
INDIA'S Original &...image INDIA'S Original & Genuine Gas Safe 100% Automatic Gas Safety Device, Gas Leakage Detector, 100% Auto Cut Off, Black

The following list consists of a rich variety of top-rated LPG gas regulators specially made for you to choose from. Each of them ensures standard quality, and above all the most significant trait- safety. We’re told to be extra careful whenever we handle gas regulators and keeping in mind each and every possible precaution, we present you with this assortment.

1. Handu Original LPG Gas Stove Regulator

This LPG gas regulator comes in a simple design that is easy to install and use and is certified to keep your home safe.

LP Gas Regulator Suitable for Bharat/INDANE/HP Cylinders

Handu Original LPG Gas Stove Regulator

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It comes with a cast aluminium body, it gives the gas stove enhanced aesthetic appeal as well as good overall serviceable life.

Key Features:

  • Made of strong aluminum metal
  • Contains one adapter
  • Suitable for Bharat/ Indane/ HP gas cylinders
  • Regular sized product
  • Certified of quality

2. MAK LPG Regulator HIGH-Pressure Adaptor Signal RED Nozzle Type

This regulator is made by a well-established company engaged in manufacturing of LPG products such as low-pressure regulator for domestic use, and high-pressure adaptor for industrial use, also manufacturing the parts which we use for our LPG products.

MAK LPG Regulator HIGH-Pressure Adaptor Signal RED Nozzle Type

MAK LPG Regulator HIGH-Pressure Adaptor Signal RED Nozzle Type

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This LPG gas regulator is best suited for commercial usage. This gas regulator is a prolific one and is suitable for All Government Gas cylinders types such as 22MM and 25MM.

Key Features:

  • High-pressure gas flow 2kg/hour
  • Only for commercial use
  • Multi-point locking system
  • Nozzle type
  • Easy to use and long-lasting

3. RJ kitchenwareStore Gas Regulator

This LPG gas regulator comes from a RJ kitchenware Store brand and is designed to offer a highly efficient gas supply. One of the most used gas regulators by the indigenous public, this offering from INDANE/Bharat/HP caters to home usage.

LP Gas Regulator

RJ Kitchenware Store Gas Regulator

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The purpose of this LPG Gas regulator is to control the flow of gas and lower the pressure from the LP Gas tank to the appliance(s) in the gas system. Manufactured by Shoppersstar, Delhi this product assures safety and high quality.

Key Features:

  • Contains one adapter
  • Suitable for the Indane Cylinder
  • Gas Cylinder Low/High-Pressure Regulator
  • Long-lasting and safe
  • Made of strong aluminum metal

4. Shopezzz Bazaar Domestic LPG Gas Regulator

This product is suitable for All Govt home Gas cylinders. A must essential for home gas cooking: gas regulator is fitted on the gas cylinder to on/off the gas pressure.

Shopezzz Bazaar Domestic LPG Gas Regulator

Shopezzz Bazaar Domestic LPG Gas Regulator

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Alongside enduring easy handling, this product also guarantees long durability and sturdiness. This LPG gas regulator comes ISI marked and therefore, it offers maximum safety.

Key Features:

  • LP Gas Cylinder Adapter
  • Compatible for HP/Bharat/INDANE Gas Cylinders
  • Long durability and sturdiness
  • Comes in a wide range of colors

5. Light Hub LPG Regulator for Cylinders

The Light Hub LPG regulator as the name itself suggests is one of the best LPG gas regulators available on the Indian market that does not lack quality nor any of the most required features.

generic isi certified lpg regulator for cylinder

Light Hub LPG Regulator for Cylinders

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This regulator comes specially designed for LPG cylinders and geysers. One of the notable things about this LPG gas regulator is that it is designed in such a way that the regulator is easy to clean and it does not take an expert to clean it.

Key Features:

  • Recommended for LPG cylinders and use with geysers
  • ISI certified product
  • Designed for frequent use and easy cleaning

6. INDIA'S Original & Genuine Gas Regulator With 100% Automatic Gas Safety Device (Black)

This product promises a safe automatic gas safety device- an incredible feature. Moreover, it is available with product liability insurance, saving consumption of gas by a whopping 30%!

INDIA'S Original & Genuine Gas Regulator

INDIA'S Original & Genuine Gas Regulator With 100% Automatic Gas Safety Device (Black)

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The gas safety device is a big plus and makes this product automatically desirable at homes for its unique product liability insurance. This actually means if your LPG cylinder runs for 30 days in your kitchen then, by using this device your cylinder will run up to 40 days and cut major hazardous leakages.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Gas Safety Device
  • Gas Leakage Detector
  • Auto Cut Off mechanism
  • Designed for easy cleaning

End Note

Here we’ve tried to provide you with every possible detail regarding top-notch and the most useful, safe LPG gas regulators of certified quality. With all these different highlighted options we’ve listed for you, keeping your basic requirements in mind. We sincerely hope this article acts as an essential and effective guide for you to specify items as per your demands.