A gas stove is one of the highly used appliances used in any home. Due to daily wear and tear, some troubles and damages are very common. So you don't need to panic if your stove starts to show some issues. We crafted this post to help you understand some basic problems associated with gas stove and how to deal with them without getting panicked. Here we have tried to cover all the common gas stove problems and how to fix them. Let’s have a look.

Common Gas Stove Problems and How to Fix Them

Here are the five most common types of problems your stovetop might face and their best possible solutions.

When the gas burner won't light?

Solution: Obviously, there are some issues with your stove that's why the flame doesn't light the stove. There are a few things you need to check.

  • What happens when you light the burner?
  • Does the clicking sound of the lighter coming out?
  • Does the gas smell coming out from the valves?

So these are a few issues you may encounter or should notice, when your gas burner doesn't light up. If you hear the clicking sound but smell doesn't come, means your gas flow has some issues. On the other hand, if you can smell the gas but there is no clicking sound, the problem is likely with the ignition switch.

Now let's see the solution to the problem. You should switch the gas appliance off and it would be better if you unplug it. Next, take out the grate and burner cap. Finally, remove any food debris, checkout the loose wires if any and reconnect them. If still the issue persists, you should invest in a new igniter.

Does your gas burner heat slowly?

Solution: This is one of the major issues and debris is one the main causes of slow-heating cooktop. Clogged debris in the burner makes the flame small, weak, and uneven. A thorough clean is the best way to remove this problem. For that you need to turn off your cooktop and let it cool. Next, remove grates and burner caps and soak them into the sink in some soap and hot water solution. You can also use the solution of baking soda and vinegar.

Take a brush to scrub its surfaces. Next, use a damp sponge to wipe the surface of cooktop. If there is debris in gas valves, use a toothpick or gas needle to clean the valves.

What to do if your electric burner won't heat?

Solution: You need to test all the burners even if just one burner causes an issue. It's an electric issue if all the burners won’t heat properly. If only one electric burner is heating improperly, check out the connection and ensure that the coil is appropriately plugged and fixed into the cooktop. Your coil may need some replacements, if the coil is broken or if the new coil works fine in the place of the old coil.

What to do if induction won't heat?

Solution: Always use induction cookware, if it's an induction gas stove. Ensure you use ferromagnetic pots and pans for your cooktop to work efficiently.

What to do if your gas stove top keeps clicking?

Solution: A long clicking can be a real inconvenience. This non-stop clicking happens when something is blocking the burner. Make sure burners are in their right place so that no debris is blocking the holes. Try to use a sealed-burner cooktop. If you don't have this type of cooktop, use paperclip or other slim, metal object. Avoid using toothpicks and plastic forks. It also indicates that the cook top has excessive moistures.

Final Words

These are the common problems that you may face with your stove and now you know the solutions how to keep up and running your stove top. If there is a major issue, you might need to upgrade your stove top. To make your stove long lasting, make sure you use all the safety tips. Always use the right utensils. Make sure your vessels don’t have any oil build-ups. Always do proper cleaning of vessels before and after cooking. Plastic containers, silver foil, paper or plastic bags, and kitchen towels are common objects available in the kitchen. Make sure you keep inflammable objects at distance. To make your life easier, make sure you apply all the safety measures properly.

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