Cooktop and built-in-hob are two basic types of cooking range available in the market. Gas stoves and hobs are different in terms of functionality, usefulness, and design. Our traditional gas stoves are easy to manage and handle. They come with anti-skid legs that provide a firm base on the platform. The elevated legs make them bulky; however, it also provides ease of cleaning. On the other side, a built-in gas hob features a seamless design with no edges or borders. It is integrated between the platform and overhead cabinets. Built-in gas hobs are highly suitable for modular kitchens.

In the next section, you can read the main difference between hob and gas stove. This difference between hob vs stove will help you in your buying decision.

  1. Gas stoves are easy to manage but are not very advanced. Both hobs and stoves come with knob functionality to control flame. The flame control functions are limited in gas stoves as compared to gas hobs.
  2. Hobs come with sensors and alarms. Users can manage the cooking time automatically in a gas hob as it features various heat control options. Plus, burners of modern hobs are also quite durable and energy efficient because of cast iron coating. Built-in hobs are also integrated with multi-flame functionality. They support managing the interior and exterior flame.
  3. On the front of the installation in hob vs stove, traditional gas stove installation is a cakewalk. It needs no learning curve and that's why these stoves are majorly adopted by Indian consumers. Another notable benefit of a gas stove is that it can be shifted easily due to its portability. But built-in hobs require expertise in installation skills. A minor mistake during installation can cause big damage to the kitchen design. Unlike traditional gas stoves, a pipeline fitting in modern hobs is also a tricky thing.
  4. The cleaning part of gas stoves is easy and less time-consuming. Users can easily remove the spillage by simply lifting the stove. On the other side, hobs require extra care and attention while cleaning. Hob's top has delicate ceramic surfaces and is very prone to scratches if not cleaned attentively. However, a soap solution and soft clothing is good technique to clean the hobs.
  5. When it comes to safety, we all know that traditional gas stoves are much safer as compared to gas hobs.
  6. Apart from the above-mentioned differences, price is also a significant difference between hob and gas stove. Gas hobs have a higher price range because of the modern design and amazing flame control features. A gas stove has limited features, so the prices and installation charges are comparatively low. 


You can find a wide range of stylish models in both cooktops and built-in hobs. If you want to add style to your kitchens and desire to buy a stove with advanced flame control functions, you can choose the built-in hob option. Here are the top quality models and the best kitchen hobs in India 2022 selected by our team that are simply the best.

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