Faber is a brand known for its superior product quality in every appliance that they make. Faber is an international brand that does not need much introduction.

Faber 2 burner gas stove series is a very well-built product. It's robust and brings with it the international experience of manufacturing high-quality gas stoves. Presently the brand has listed only one Faber gas stove 2 burners.

Hence keeping the best interest of our site visitors on priority, we are reviewing the same and bringing some highlights of the product to you.

It would help you in buying this Faber gas stove 2 burners easily and in the right manner.

While writing this Faber 2 burner gas stove review we have considered every aspect of the buying cycle including Faber 2 burner gas stove price. So our readers can be sure of landing up with the right deal.

Best Faber 2 Burner Gas Stove - 2022

Here is the single product review of the best Faber 2 burner gas stove that you can presently buy online. Read the info with ease, it will surely enlighten you on what’s available and what good it can bring to your kitchen and life.

1. Faber Gas Stove 2 Burner Glass Cooktop

Neatness cladded with features and functionality is what this Faber 2 burner gas stove is all about. It has all the basic features that would make your cooking life pretty much a delight.

This gas stove comes with a manual ignition, which we feel should have been auto-ignition as it would have further enhanced the overall appeal of the gas stove. Burners are made of pure brass so you can be sure of a long-lasting service without any issues. It helps in saving a lot on fuel costs too.

The pan supports are also powder-coated, which makes them pretty much corrosion resistant. That’s something that we all would love to have in our 2 burner gas stoves. All in all, this is one 2 burner gas stove that will certainly prove to be an asset for your kitchen.

Key Features:

  • Powder 2 Brass Burner Gas Stove is equipped with 1 Medium burner & 1 Jumbo Burner
  • 6mm thick, toughened glass with an elegant look and a metal base that makes it look beautiful in all kitchens
  • Ignition: Manual, Material: Glass type, Frame: Black Finish; Control: Feather touch knobs
  • Powder Coating Round Pan support is designed to accommodate all major sizes of pans and topes and reliable and rigid in construction
  • Uniform heat distribution with the help of 3 concentric arrays of flame exits on the brass burners for efficient and long-lasting usage
  • Spill-proof stainless steel fixed round DripTray with no holes specially designed to avoid any overflowing below the gas stove
  • Warranty: 2-year comprehensive warranty on the product

End Note

We would be adding more 2 burner gas stoves from Faber when they get listed online. We hope that our little review post would have given you some good insights into what’s available in the online market.

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