Our homes are where we live in and dwell in, now food is a basic human requirement and that makes owning a good quality gas stove or cooktop a basic need too. There are many types of them available out there in the markets, however often people are under informed about the ones they should pick. 

On a wider note there are two types of gas stoves that you can buy online, one is the metal top (made of aluminum or stainless steel) and the other one is the glasstop one. Today we are here to discuss the glasstop ones. Our research has led us to believe that the common Indian gas stove buyer is generally loomed by certain apprehensions that we are going to remove. 

Glasstop gas stoves are damn good options if you are a person who loves to have beautiful things in your home. They come with many designer options and improve the overall aesthetics of the kitchen, however there is a big chunk of prospective buyers that have a fear that glass tops can crack easily. 

Pictures like the one you see above are a common sight on a simple google search. However, looks could be deceiving. Generally glasstops are very sturdy and do not break easily. However, if you abuse them then they will surely break as a safety measure. 

Trust our expertise in the matter here, glasstops are very safe to use and some of the best quality gas stoves that we have tested till date have glass tops. 

Pros of Glass Top Gas Stoves

We should always begin with positives in mind, so even here we are going to put the pros of a glasstop gas stove first. 

  • Comes in amazing designs 
  • Offers very high degree of safety 
  • Glass is toughened and heat resistant but upto a limit 
  • Gas stove is light weight because of the glasstop when compared to a metal one
  • The pricing is also competitive when compared to the metaltop ones 

Con of Glass Top Gas Stove

Here are the flipsides that one should be aware of while planning to buy a glass top gas stove. 

  • Not all glass top gas stoves are the same - you have to choose the right ones. 
  • No matter which one you buy if you don't use them properly the glass will shatter

So, folks, there is nothing to be afraid of now, you can buy glass top gas stoves safely provided you get yourself the right one and use it properly. In case you need help in selecting the Best Glass Top Gas Stoves In India, then read our detailed article for the same - Its live!