Despite the modern appliances like induction and microwave, a gas stove in India is always in high demand. It is one of the precious items that are even worshiped at a few festivals. Being the safest and most durable option, a gas stove is a best-selling cooktop as compared to other variants. However, to make it long-lasting, it’s essential to pause and give it a good cleaning session.

Gas burners are an essential part of a stove that needs proper care and maintenance. A perfect and pre-tested cleaning method can, therefore, save you lots of extra effort. We have clipped a few household items to restore the burners to their original spotless state. These tips and tricks are highly effective to remove stubborn grease from burners and make them as good as brand new. Take a look and follow the tips as they are mentioned.

Steps to Clean the Gas Stove

Here are some basic steps to ensure proper cleaning of gas burners. Hence, if you are wondering how to clean gas burner at home, follow as below.

1. Let It Cool Down

The best thing to do before starting to clean a gas stove is to let the cooktop, control knobs, grates, and burners completely cool. Ensure a gas stove is turned off and also remove the knobs to avoid any accident. Furthermore, disassemble burners and burner caps for easy and deep cleaning. Place all of these in a safe and dry place. We will clean them later on.

2. Loosen the Food Deposits

Our cleaning process starts with wiping up loose food particles that are hanging around the stove and burners.

3. Leave the Stove Grates to Soak

The next step involves a thorough soaking of stove grates. You can also use a concentrated dishwasher detergent if your stove needs intensive cleaning. Leave them to soak in the solution for about 15-20 minutes to degrease it.

4. Degrease the Cooktop

Sprinkle degreaser or liquid soap concentration on the stovetop and leave it for a few minutes to penetrate the greasy build-up. Take a soft scouring pad or cleaning brush to rupture up any food deposits stuck to the surface. Now, wipe down the stovetop with a clean folded towel. Plus, eliminate all the grease and strains. An old toothbrush or nylon scrub brush is handy to clean hard-to-reach areas. Ensure it should not scratch the surface. It’s a time-consuming process but you have to be extremely careful while cleaning it. Now, wipe off the soap solution and every bit of grease and give them a quick rinse with hot water to wash away all the grease.

5. Scrub Stove Grates and Burner Caps

Now it’s your turn to clean burner caps and stove grates. Put them in hot water and give them a gentle scrubbing with your nylon brush. The soft nylon brush is suitable to remove any clogs or residual build-up. To clean burners, use a toothbrush as it makes cleaning easy for hidden spots. A sponge scourer is another good item to clean burners effectively. After that, use water to clean and wash it properly.

Once everything gets cleaned, simply place the parts of your stove on a dry and clean cotton towel. Let everything dry completely before reassembling the stovetop. In the last step, you just have to place all these elements back on your gas stove.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Often Should You Clean Gas Stove Burners?

If burners are used frequently, it needs regular cleaning along with periodic deep cleaning. Every month you should give a deep clean to your gas stove.

2. Why Is It Important to Clean Gas Burners?

Blocked gas burners are one of the main issues that arise if the stove and burners are not cleaned properly. It consumes more fuel and also delays cooking time. To avoid these problems, ensure you clean the gas burners properly and on time.

3. Can We Clean a Gas Burner With Vinegar?

Yes, you can clean the gas burner with vinegar. Make water and vinegar solution and immerse them in the mixture. Leave it for 30 minutes. Next, scrub it using a proper cleaning brush and eliminate all the stubborn dirt or grease. A gas burner cleaning pin can also be used to take out that hard to remove lint, deposits, or debris from the holes on the gas burner.

4. Does Baking Soda Provide Effective Cleaning?

Yes, it works wonders on stubborn stains. You can clean the gas burner with baking soda as it is specified with the vinegar method.

We hope these cleaning measures on how to clean gas burner at home serve you the best household way to maintain their quality and make them long-lasting. You can trust these methods as they are well tested and tried out.