A gas stove is important cooking equipment that can exhibit several issues sometimes. The yellow or orange flame is one of them. A yellow flame is the best clue that your burner is not working appropriately or your gas burner is not getting sufficient air for complete combustion of the gas. If you're not a professional cook, you might need professional help. Though if you're a serious cook or experienced in handling these issues, you can fix this problem easily through our quick easy steps mentioned in this post.

Possible reasons for Yellow Flame

It may sound quite normal but yellow flame is not a good sign as it leads to the release of carbon monoxide and we all know how harmful this gas is. Apart from incomplete combustion, there are several other reasons like dirt and residue build-up in the burner area that can convert blue flame into yellow flame. Dirt and stubborn stains and residue are the common reasons for yellow flame on the gas stove. Plus, aged gas ranges could also be the reason for this issue. So, these are a few main causes of orange flame on the gas burner. Now let's see, how we can fix a yellow flame on the gas stove at home.

How to Fix a Yellow Flame on a Gas Stove

These steps about how to fix yellow flame on a gas burner are so simple and could save a few bucks. Read them meticulously.

Check the gas cylinder

Running out of gas is one of the most common issues leading to yellow flame. Now, what's the diagnosis of this issue, you need to check the gas levels on your cylinder. If the fuel is low or about to finish, just change it with a new cylinder or refill the same tank. For extra precaution, ensure you take professional help to change the gas tank.

Greasy or clogged burners

This is the next main reason for this problem. If burners are dirty; clean them right away. Take professional help if you don't know how to clean gas burners. If you're cleaning by yourself make sure the gas stove is off and cool.

You can take dish soap, vinegar, or lemon juice for cleaning. Next, cover your gas stove with dish soap. Depending on your gas stove type, you can take vinegar or lemon. Next, rub the surface in gentle circular motions.

Rinse the stovetop with water and let it dry. Clean out dirt and debris from the burners using a metal needle. Avoid using a toothpick.

Inspect gas pipelines and ventilation

Yellow flames on the gas stove can also be caused if there are leaks from pipes or fittings in your gas system. Improper ventilation can also cause yellow flame to the gas stove. Though it is an infrequent reason for yellow flames you should inspect your home for leaks and venting issues.

Broken pilot light

To inspect your pilot light take off its cover. If the pilot light isn't working efficiently the stove will throw yellow flames. If you see smoke coming after removing the cover from the pilot light, replace the old pilot light. If you are unsure about a damaged pilot light, take professional help. We insist, call an experienced LPG gas engineer to fix this, and don’t try it yourself. It could be life-damaging.

Burner placement

If your burner is placed incorrectly it can also emit a yellow flame. Ensure the burner is set up properly when installed. If it is not installed properly, call a qualified gas service technician to fix this issue.

Final words

When too much gas or too little oxygen or vice versa is supplied to the burner, a gas stove emits yellow or orange light. Moreover, the nozzles of the burner could be dirty or there might be an interruption in the gas supply. We have mentioned a few simple yet effective methods to fix the yellow flame on the gas burner.

Though the above-mentioned methods are not alternative solutions of professional advice. The main intention of this post is to highlight the issues that can cause yellow or orange light on your gas stove. Plus, how to fix these issues at home. Never, ever hesitate to take professional help.

Before trying any of the above methods to balance the fuel oxygen mixture, make sure you have turned off the gas and followed essential measures. Hope this post has probably resolved the query about how to fix the yellow burner on a gas stove.

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