Gas stoves and induction tops largely serve the same purpose. They help us cook meals that too quickly and safely. The difference between them holistically is like the fuels that they use. Induction tops use electricity whereas gas stoves use either LPG or PNG to get the job done.

Which One Is Better? Gas Stove or Induction Top?

Gas cooktop and induction top both have pros and flip sides. In the end, it would depend on the buyer's needs and intent. We just cannot label anyone of them as better or worse. Both have distinct advantages and disadvantages that we would discuss here.

Pros & Cons - Gas Stoves / Gas Cooktops

Let's begin with discussing the advantages and disadvantages of gas cooktops first. It would help us understand why gas cooktops might just be the right thing for you.

Pros of Gas Cooktops

#1 Runs on gas: Unlike induction cooktops that run on electricity, gas cooktops run on highly subsidized LPG and PNG. They are cheaper to run in the long run and provide long-lasting service.

#2 Very sturdy: Gas stoves are built tough, they provide you with safety and durability that would last a lifetime.

#3 Affordable: Gas stoves are available in many price points, so there is one that would suit your budget and perfectly up for the grab.

#4 Easy to maintain: Gas stoves are very easy to maintain, even the more complex ones like hobs require minimal maintenance and costs.

#5 Ease of repairs: In case you need to get your gas stove repaired then there are many local and official channels available throughout the country.

Cons Of Gas Cooktops

#1 Cumbersome: Gas cooktops are cumbersome and require a lot of space in your kitchen. Since they come in many sizes, you have to think ahead and plan your space in the kitchen accordingly.

#2 Some models require specialist care: Some high-end models of gas stoves and hobs cannot be maintained properly all by yourself. You might have to buy an additional annual maintenance plan to keep them in perfect condition.

Pros & Cons - Induction Cooktops

Let's begin with discussing the advantages and disadvantages of induction cooktops now. It would help us understand why induction cooktops might just be the right thing for you.

Pros of Induction Cooktops

#1 Safety: Induction cooktops are the safest cooking appliance that you can buy. They do not have any volatile compounds or gas fueling them. They run on electricity, so there is no way that there is a chance of accidents happening with them.

#2 Cost-Effective: Depending upon the state you live in and the cost per unit of electricity there, induction cooktops are pretty cheap to run. They cook faster than conventional gas stoves for sure.

#3 Temperature Control: Induction cooktops come with a temperature control feature that allows you to precisely set the temperature that you wish to cook in.

#4 Slim Design: Induction cooktops are very ergonomically designed and do not take much space. They are very portable too.

#5 Reliable: Induction cooktops are very reliable and would last a lifetime, requiring minimal maintenance that can be taken care of at home easily.

Cons of Induction Cooktops

#1 Expensive: Induction cooktops are way more expensive than your regular gas cooktop.

#2 Learning Curve: Induction cooktops are electronic. That means there are many settings and buttons to learn about. That takes a bit of time and learning to get used to.

#3 Utensils: Your regular utensils might not work well with an induction cooktop. You might have to buy additional utensils to be used with them.

#4 Power Issues: If you live in an area where long power cuts are a regular part of life, then an induction cooktop might not be the right choice for you.

Gas Stove Vs Induction Cooktop

It all depends upon your peculiar condition - If you live in an area where power cuts are normal or the cost of electricity is pretty steep then going for a gas stove would make better sense.

On the other hand, if you live in an area where electricity is dirt cheap and in constant supply, then there is nothing better than an induction cooktop. They cook food quickly and you get to control the temperature also. They are pretty safe to store and run also. The chances of serious injury or accident are minimal in the case of an induction cooktop.