Are hobs better than cooktops? Well, that's a tough one to answer. The reason for that is both of them are equally good in particular situations and have their distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Selecting them is not that difficult. The choices are pretty narrow for either of the categories. Either you choose a cooktop that is pretty versatile as far as placement is concerned or you go for a job that is more like a kitchen fixture. If you are planning a new kitchen then things are pretty easy, however, if you already have a functional kitchen and planning to upgrade to a hob, then things could get a bit messy.

See, the hob is more of a kitchen fixture cum appliances. Once installed you cannot move it as easily as a cooktop. So, that's one thing that you need to give a cool thought to. If you are a person who likes to rearrange elements of your kitchen then probably a hob is something you should go for.

On the other hand, if you are a person who loves aesthetics and design then going for a hob would be a wise move. Hobs look good and blend seamlessly with your kitchen ergonomics. They are equally sturdy as a cooktop and require minimal maintenance. That's the holistic view of things here, just to make things, even more, clearer, we would enlist the pros and cons of both so that you can make an informed decision.


Let's begin with our good old friend - the regular cooktop. There are many advantages and a few disadvantages while going with a cooktop, let's explore them here now.


Ease of Installation: Cooktops are pretty easy to install. You only need professional installation in certain cases, under most of the circumstances, you just have to unpack them, connect them to a source of gas, and start using them.

Portable: Cooktops are pretty portable, they can be moved around pretty easily. That makes them perfect for families with transferable jobs. They make city-hopping convenient and setting them up is also not time-consuming.

Ease of Cleaning: Cleaning a freestanding cooktop is a piece of cake. Since they can be moved around, hence maintaining and cleaning them is pretty easy. You don't need any professional intervention to maintain them, unlike hobs.

Affordable: Cooktops are affordable, they are designed for the masses, everyone has their budgets and cooktops can fit all of them perfectly. On the other hand, hobs are pretty expensive in comparison.

Easy to Replace: Cooktops are cheap, they are portable too. In case your cooktop becomes defunct and is beyond repair - you simply have to discard it and get a new one. It saves a lot of time and does not burn a hole in your pocket.


Lacks Features: Since cooktops are still pretty traditional in approach, most of them would not be as feature-rich as their hobs counterparts.

Lacks Aesthetics Appeal: Cooktops are bulky, to say the least. Since they are freestanding, they have to have a certain set of dynamics to support them. This might appeal to a design-sensitive buyer.

Built-in Hobs

If you are a person who loves neatness combined with aesthetics and appeal in your kitchen, then going for built-in hobs will suit you. Hobs also have their ups and downs as with any product. Let's explore them further as it would help you in deciding whether to go with them or not.


Aesthetically Appealing: Built-in hobs become a seamless fixture of your kitchen. They come in many designs and patterns that can blend well with the overall design of your kitchen. So, if you love aesthetics in your kitchen then going for a hob is the way ahead. Cooktops can never match the looks quotient of the hobs.

Loaded with Features: Hobs are gems of gas stove engineering, they are loaded with features that make them very safe and convenient to use. The majority of them come with high-quality auto-ignition features and flame adjusters to name a few.


Expensive: Hobs are way more expensive than your regular cooktop. They would be out of reach for a major section of Indian society. So, that's one thing you must be aware of before planning to buy one.

Professional Installation: Hobs cannot be installed by you, they always need professional installation. You might also have to modify your kitchen to adjust them in case you are planning to upgrade from a regular cooktop. All this naturally would incur additional expenses.

Professional Maintenance: Hobs cannot be cleaned all by yourself. You need professional intervention for their regular upkeep and maintenance. In a nutshell, hobs, in general, require way more attention than a cooktop.

So, here is the verdict, if you like affordable functionality then go for cooktops otherwise if you don't mind shelling out some extra bucks that too regularly, then go for a hob instead. In the end, it all depends upon your individual preference and needs.