Among the different brands available in the market, Prestige is inevitably the number one brand when we talk about the Indian market. Be it any gas stove or the latest appliances, with Prestige you can’t simply go wrong in any case. Therefore, if you are the one who is in need of a quality gas stove, the Prestige Hobtop 4 burner gas stove can be a good option.

Ranging from durability to an amazing performance, the Prestige Hobtop 4 burner gas stove is capable enough to suffice the needs of every kitchen.

So! What else you will get from this review post? Right here, we will take you to a tour of all the amazing list of features, specifications and let you know why this gas stove is the best fit for your kitchen.

Prestige Hobtop 4 Burner Stove Specifications

No. of Burners4
FinishGlass Top
Burner MaterialSpecially Designed SABAF Burners
Ignition SystemAutomatic
Body MaterialGlass
Looking to bring home one of the most luxurious gas stove? Take a look at the ever enchanting Prestige Hobtop 4 burner gas stove black. Right from the first glance, the specifications of this gas stove looks unbelievable. Unlike other gas stoves, the body of Prestige Hob top glass automatic gas stove is made up of pure glass.

The glass material used is of the highest quality and can withstand breakages with ease and comfort. None of the aluminium material is used which is yet another good thing about this gas stove.

Moving on to the trivet material, its made up of cast iron which is extremely durable. It can last for years without giving many issues of maintenance.

The burners are made up of pure aluminium which efficiently spreads heat throughout the entire vessel.

Lastly, the upper area comes with a complete glass finish making this gas stove look elegant and stylish.

Prestige Hob glass top 4 burner:  Amazon Section

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For instance, you can start with comparing the pricing from both the stores, look which one has got super fast delivery and book your gas stove with pride and happiness.

But, before that, let’s take a tour of the features which can help you choose this gas stove in a more ambiguous free and effective manner.

Prestige Hob Top Glass Automatic Hob

Prestige Hob Top Glass Automatic Hob

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Prestige Hobtop 4 Burner Gas Stove Features

  • Convertible Design: Use as a gas stove and a hob
  • German Technology Schott Glass
  • Gas Valve from Sabaf-Italy
  • One touch advanced auto ignition
  • Pan support made of cast iron for maximum stability and durability
  • Dual colour tone and toughened Schott glass surface
Talking about one of the best features of Prestige Hobtop 4 burner gas stove will bring the automatic ignition system into the limelight. Yes, forget the matchsticks, lighter and turn on this gas stove in an automatic manner.

Moving on to the next, the SABAF Italian gas valves are another major highlight which is durable and provides higher performance. The knobs are rotary, works with precision and lots of other features are awaiting your presence of attention.

So! Let’s move ahead and get to know some more features of Prestige Hobtop 4 burner gas stove black.

Prestige Hob top gas stove (4 burners): Where Style Meets Performance

Without a single piece of doubt, Prestige is the number one Indian brand. Be it making 2 burner or the 4 burner gas stoves, none of the brands is even close to beat Prestige.

Therefore, with Prestige Hob Top 4 Burner gas stove, we have given every feature in a brief format to help you understand, the easy way.

Convertible Design

Either you want to use the gas stove as the primary one or a Hob, the Prestige Hobtop 4 burner gas stove has it all for you. With this gas stove, you can effortlessly use this gas stove as per your needs and demands.

Be it any sort of cooking, the Prestige Hobtop 4 burner gas stove having the revolutionary convertible design is the right answer.

Special Italian SABAF Burner

Specially Imported from the hearts of Italy, the SABAF burners are one major highlight of this gas stove. It is specifically designed to provide uniform heating across the entire vessel. It even consumes very less gas and can make your LPG fuel last for more days.

What’s More? These SABAF Burners are even ideal for every Indian dish whereas you can cook your foods in an effortless manner.

Iron Pan Support Availability

The Prestige hob top 4 burner is made from a very high quality cast iron support. This provides its maximum durability and stability in almost every cooking needs. Whether you are using a tandoor, cooker or a pan, the iron pan support is durable enough to support each one of them.

In terms of performance, it consumes the least gas and provides food cooking in double quick time.

Advanced Auto Ignition Support Available

The advanced auto ignition support system is another major highlight of Prestige Hob glass top 4 burner. With just a twist of the knob, you can start the gas stove in no time. All thanks to its amazing spark technology which give precise flame everytime you turn on the gas stove.

Here, you can be sure of the continuous flames and a trouble-free servicing all around the year.

Schott Glass Design All Over

The glass provided on the Prestige Hob glass top 4 burner is a dual tone glass. It is definitely shatter-proof and can withstand even the stringent of breakages.

In terms of look, the glass looks absolutely amazing and can enhance the décor of your kitchens in no time. For cleaning, you just need a wet cloth, clean off the strains and make your gas stove look neat and tidy, all over again.

Altogether, with the duality of look and durability, the Scott Glass on Prestige Hobtop 4 burner gas stove is simply irresistible.

Ultra-Slim Body

Want the slimmest gas stove? Bring home the Prestige Hobtop 4 burner gas stove. This gas stove has got the world’s slimmest body and gives overall aesthetic look from every possible angle.

With the availability of glass material, the look is further enhanced making it look far more slimmer, stylish and elegant.

Ergonomically Designed Knobs

The knob on Prestige Hobtop 4 burner gas stove is more on the comfortable side. You can effortlessly use the knob to rotate as per your needs while cooking your favourite food. Precisely control the flame, perform cooking and do it in double quick time.

Even for your fingers, the knob is designed in an ergonomic fashion to avoid any sorts of pain while cooking.

Warranty- 2 Years

The Prestige Hobtop 4 burner gas stove comes with a massive 2-year onsite warranty. In case of any internal defect, you don’t need to worry and just call the Prestige Service Center. They will all the work, send their technician to your home and repair your gas stove right there itself.

What’s more? You get a complete lifetime warranty on the gas stove glass which is an extremely good thing. Glasses are prone to frequent breakages and while repairing, their cost and go to substantial heights.

Therefore, with a lifetime glass warranty, you don’t need to worry about its breakage at any point in time.

Buy Prestige Hobtop 4 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige Hob Top Glass Automatic Hob

Prestige Hob Top Glass Automatic Hob

Buy From Amazon

However, other than glass, none of the external parts is covered under warranty period.

As we move on to the ending phase of this article, you want to know the bare truth, right? Well, if you really live in a luxurious house or want a good and stylish gas stove for your kitchen, the Prestige Hob glass top 4 burner is a perfect choice.

With this gas stove, you can get the highest performance along with style, durability and everything you could ever wish off.

For buying purpose, we have listed Amazon as one of the most genuine store. This store can serve you with the best deals and you can effortlessly bring home the Prestige 4 burner gas stove with grace, joy and happiness.