Cooking three main meals in a day for your own family and buddies requires a multi-talented gas stove that should retain heat longer and require low maintenance efforts. An ergonomic 3-burner gas stove range can fasten the cooking time with energy-saving and many other revolutionary features. The marketplace is already preoccupied with an array of options to pick from. But deciding on one nice stove within the finances is a complex task. Here, we have executed SUNTEX 3 burner gas stove models with substantial features for you.

We selected the SUNTEX three-burner gas stove after thorough scrutiny. All the SUNTEXt gas stoves are feature-rich and come with a modern look and feel to match any kitchen aesthetics.

SUNTEX 3 Burner Gas Stove Price

If you are also concerned about the SUNTEX gas stove 3 burner price, we can assure you that this list is pretty reasonable for every pocket. These stoves are highly appropriate for different cooking styles and requirements and also ensure a hassle-free experience.

Top SUNTEX 3 Burner Gas Stove Models Trending in India 

Here’s a detailed evaluation after hours of extensive testing has resulted in this list. Here's the SUNTEX gas stove 3 burner for your reference

1. SUNTEX Stainless Steel 3 Burner Orchid SS/PS Manual Ignition 

The premium design of the gas stove not only looks just appealing but also provides great performance. The sturdy pan supports large vessels and has the rust-resistance capability. Three different brass burners feature heat-retention skills and are capable of spreading the heat equally to cook food faster.

In addition to it, they are damage-proof and rustproof too. The layout and size are just amazing and perfect to be compatible with any kitchen type.

Key Features:

  • This gas stove is well-designed using stainless steel material with a glossy finish
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • SS/PS manual ignition 
  • LPG-compatible gas stove
  • Ergonomic and safe-handling knobs
  • 3 energy-efficient brass burners; 1 big and 2 small
  • 2 years warranty
  • ISI certified
  • Heavy pan support can accommodate large vessels
  • Low maintenance needs

2. SUNTEX Glass Top 3 Burner Onyx Black GT Manual Ignition

This SUNTEX gas stove 3 burner model is highly preferred because of its modern and highly efficient features including sturdy cooktop, quality burners, low maintenance, and smooth knob design. The manual ignition system is nearly flawless.

A buyer can enjoy a 2-year warranty on the toughened glass and the overall product. This diligent stove is ergonomically designed to sustain high-temperature cooking without any glitches.

Key Features:

  • Gas Stove Type - manual ignition LPG gas stove; Burner: tri-pin brass burners feature superior heat retention; Top material: toughened glass; Size of the stove (cm): 77 x 43.5 x 14; Weight: 8.8 Kilograms; Colour: Black.
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty on the stove
  • ISI certified 
  • Ergonomic knob design
  • Toughened glass cooktop 
  • Individual pan support
  • Safe and reliable packaging

3. SUNTEX Glass Top 3 Brass Burner Coral Black GT Manual Ignition

This 3-burner gas stove from SUNTEX comes with ISI certification that assures the customers about the quality and scalability. The gas inlet pipe can swivel 360 degrees. The spill-proof design is convenient to clean with a wet cloth. On the front of maintenance, it requires less effort as compared with other models out there. Furthermore, the pan support is satisfactory and flame controllers are of fine quality and well-designed.

Overall, this stove is durable and easy to use. The hassle-free warranty also makes it the most amazing 3-burner gas stove in India with an affordable price tag. 

Key Features:

  • Gas Stove Type - manual ignition LPG gas stove; Burner: brass burners: 1 Super Big, 1 Big, and 1 Small; Top material: toughened glass; Size of the stove (cm): 77.5 x 45 x 14; Weight: 8.52 Kilograms; Colour: Coral Black.
  • 2 years warranty to cover the manufacturing defects
  • Heavy-duty pan support
  • 3 high-efficiency brass burners 
  • Maintain ISI standards
  • Highly durable and elegant gas stove 
  • Reasonably priced
  • Impressive packaging
  • Easy and free installation
  • Packed with individual pan support for easy cleaning
  • Equipped with 360-degree swivel gas inlet pipe

4. SUNTEX Glass Top 3 Brass Burner MI SQ Coral Black GT Manual Ignition

Our next SUNTEX 3 burner gas stove model features a manual ignition system with heavy-duty pan support and a 6mm toughened glass top in the classic black color. The main highlights of the stove are ergonomic knob design, anti-skid feet, anti-spillage stainless steel drip trays, and corrosion-resistant efficient brass burner.

The quality of brass burners is amazing. Individual Pan Support is also noteworthy. It allows easy cleaning and users can easily accommodate heavy or large vessels on these pans.

Key Features:

  • Gas Stove Type - manual ignition LPG gas stove; Burner: brass burners: 1 Super Big, 1 Big, and 1 Small; Top material: toughened glass; Size of the stove (cm): 76 x 45 x 14; Weight: 9.88 Kilograms; Colour: Black.
  • The stove is constructed using top-quality steel and glass material
  • ISI certified 
  • On-Time delivery
  • Great and prompt after-sales service
  • To cover manufacturing defects, the stove is available with a 2 years warranty.

SUNTEX 3 Burner Gas Stoves Buying Guide

This buying guide would be fruitful to those who are either first-time buyers or who wanted to know the best SUNTEX 3 burner gas stove models trending in India 2022. Here we have rounded up a few essential protocols that one should consider while buying a gas stove. 

Safety is the foremost concern and these selected products are based on the number and quality of certifications provided to ensure proper safety standards. Each gas stove has ISI certification. While selecting the ideal gas stove, ensure it must have easy and effective heat maneuvering. In the modern age, gas stoves are mainly constructed using stainless steel or toughened glass. Both are good to clean and maintain. Plus, they can also sustain extensive temperatures easily.

SUNTEX 3 burner gas stove requires low maintenance. After evaluating all these features, the next main factor to consider is the visual appearance. SUNTEX three-burner gas stoves are stylish, sleek, and modern. They are equipped with attractive features and futuristic technology. The price is the next main concern of every buyer. The cost of any gas stove should justify the purchase as per the quality. Our selected SUNTEX gas stove 3 burner price is the best fit in affordability and cost-effectiveness parameters. 

SUNTEX 3 Burner Gas Stoves Review

This is our review section. The above-mentioned list of gas stoves is not sponsored by the brand. Being given a wide variety to choose from can be very confusing to any homemaker. That’s why we tested each gas stove on different parameters and shortlisted these best models for you. A 3-burner gas stove is a highly suitable option for a mid-sized family.

SUNTEX 3 burner gas stoves are designed so beautifully that they can be compatible with any kitchen layout. All the stoves are compatible with natural gas pipelines. For long heat retention and equal flame distribution, these gas stoves are equipped with brass burners. Brass is the most available metal and is made to take high temperatures. For fast and healthy cooking, the brand used brass in burners.

All these gas stoves also follow high-level safety measurements. So on the front of user safety; these are one of the most reliable gas stoves in India. The stoves are available in manual and auto-ignition. Automatic ignition gas stoves are expensive as compared to manual and also need high maintenance and care. Hence before picking a stove keep in mind all these points to make a better buying decision.

The main purpose of 3 burners is multi-cooking. In SUNTEX gas stoves, all the 3 burners are placed in ample space so that they can be used at the same time to cook 2 or 3 dishes. In SUNTEX gas stoves, you will find the gas pipe inlet either placed at the sides of the back of gas stoves. In case you have a narrow-width counter, choose a gas stove with an inlet at the side. You can find that the SUNTEX gas stoves are manufactured using both glass and steel. And during our testing, we found that they both work well. 

A glass top features a spill-proof design, which looks attractive and also easier to clean. Stainless steel cooktops are more durable than glass. However, SUNTEX gas stoves provide better strength. You have full freedom to choose any gas stove. A glass cooktop of SUNTEX gas stove is made using toughened material, which can be used for long years if taken with attentive care. Individual pan support is also robust and well-built to accommodate heavy vessels in the SUNTEX 3 burner gas stove.

We tested each stove on size, look, weight, heat-retention, rust-proof, burner quality, and affordability factors. And each stove scored good marks on each parameter testing. 

Hope this post about the best SUNTEX 3 burner gas stoves for your kitchen would help in your decision to finalize a gas stove for your kitchen.