One must certainly know the important factors to consider while purchasing gas stoves for their home or commercial cooking needs. The average life of a gas stove is about 10 to 14 years. However, if you maintain it properly, it can enhance the average lifespan of your stove. Being an expensive and long-term asset, it is not possible to replace them frequently. So, every consumer needs to watch out for nuts and bolts of gas stove models. To lend you a helping hand in this matter, we have gathered essential things that individuals should focus on before buying a gas stove. Read the below-mentioned points meticulously and buy your gas stove like a pro.

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Few Important Things to Consider While Purchasing Gas Stoves:

1. Size of a Gas Stove: The foremost factor to consider during gas stove purchase is the size of a gas stove. Apart from your desire and requirement, your proposed gas stove should be compatible with your kitchen outlook, chimney hood, and countertop space. A consumer has a variety of options to choose from rectangular or square-shaped gas stoves. The available width measurements of gas stoves are 60, 70, 80, and 90 cm. Choose the stove according to your counter space.

2. Quality of Material: This is the next important factor you should keep in mind while purchasing a gas stove. From high to normal quality material stoves are available in a kitchen market, so you should know which material would be durable and stable. Full stainless steel and toughened Schott glass material are highly constructed due to their high demand.

3. Type and Number of Burners: In case you're not aware, burners also have many types. Pressure Die-cast alloy burners, brass burners, and Forged brass burners are famous options and you can also find several others too. Make sure you know which type of burner would be suitable for your cooking needs. Like burner quality types, stoves come with a varied number of burners. Two and three-burner gas stoves are widely used in India. However, four burners gas stoves also gaining popularity nowadays.

4. Ignition System: Based on the ignition system, gas stoves are categorized into 2 main options. One is manual and the other is an automatic ignition system. In an auto-ignition system, multi-spark battery-operated auto ignition and single spark mechanical piezo ignited auto ignition gas stoves are available. You need to check this point too at the time of gas stove purchase.

5. Knobs Quality: It is another main thing you have to consider. A gas stove that possesses smooth, easy-to-grip, and easy-to-operate knobs with better and long usage quality can be ideal if other features are also of good quality.

6. Installation: It is again the main thing to consider which fuel setup you have at your residence. Most cook tops come with an LPG setup. However, gas stoves can be converted from LPG to PNG or vice versa. But it would cost you money, so it's better if you check the proposed gas stove set up in advance.

7. Price: It is one of the main factors that every consumer must have to watch out for. Discounts offers, cashback options can allow you to save money on your gas stove purchase. Make sure your ask and check what offers are available on the purchase of a particular stove. In addition to that, ensure the price you would pay should be compatible with the features and functionality of your stove.

8. Warranty Period: After considering the above factors, ensure you look after the type and period of warranty provided by the manufacturer. We all love to grab hassle-free and great warranties to save ourselves from manufacturing defects and repairing costs. If the product hasn't a good warranty, ask about it from the seller or consider some other best option coupled with a good warranty.

9. ISI certification: Safety is topmost in flammable appliances. However, in India, each stove must have an ISI certificate. It is also your responsibility to check whether a gas stove is ISI-certified or not when you decide to buy a gas stove. Some gas models also passed international safety standards. So safety is supreme for you. Never overlook this factor.

10. Stylish and Ergonomic Design: Traditional gas stove models possess very simple designs with limited color choices. But in the current age, consumers have huge options to choose from. Due to the high demand for modern and stylish stoves, even now manufacturer upgrades their stove design and structure rapidly.

Final Verdict

All the detailed factors specified above would certainly help you to make an informed decision while buying your gas stove for your home. We hope the post has covered all the important measures and if we forget any, kindly share with us in the comment section.