Has your glass top stove cracked suddenly leaving you spell bound and confused? If not, but you still wish to now about the precautionary measures to prevent this from happening? We will let you know in detail that what causes a glass top stove to crack so that you are aware about the reasons and can take proactive measures beforehand.

A glass top stove is synonymous with a modernized and advanced kitchen as it adds smartness, convenience, and glamour to the whole cooking experience. It is energy-efficient and boasts of an ergonomic design. The glass top adds to the beauty with a shinning powder coated finish and the thickened glass can last for long if used carefully. But even when using the glass top stove judiciously, a small mistake or technical glitch can lead to the breakage of the glass top rendering it unsafe to use any further. In case you want to dwell upon the causes, preventive tips, and steps to follow in case of a crack, we have all the details lined up for you.

What Causes a Glass Top Stove To Crack

A glass top stove comes with an ergonomic design and stylish features which assists you in cooking faster and better. But despite so many pros, a few cons exist including the delicate and fragile glass top which can break if not taken a few important things into consideration. The most important ones that increase the risk of cracking are listed below:

  1. Extreme heat: If cooking is taking a long time or one of the burners is being continuously used or there is excessive heat accumulation, then these can cause the glass top to break.
  2. Heavy object fall: A glass top is fragile and needs attention. Fall of any sharp or heavy object or utensil can lead it to a breakage.
  3. Sudden temperature change: If a hot cookware is placed on a cool glass top or cool water is splashed over a hot glass top, these can cause the glass top to break.
  4. Accumulation of scratches: A minor scratch should not be ignored and buffed out timely as accumulation of small scratches might lead to a breakage.
  5. Even Bottom: Ensure that the bottom of the cookware is flat, smooth, and even. As an uneven bottom may not absorb the heat properly and might become the cause for the breakage.
  6. Avoid certain utensils: Utensils made of ceramic, cast iron, and stoneware are heavy and rough. Use them with caution or minimize their usage on the glass top to avoid breakage.
  7. Poor installation: In case where the installation of the glass top stove is inappropriate or poorly done, it might result in the crack of the glass top in the early stages of usage.

These are the chief reasons as to what causes a glass top stove to crack, so make sure to avoid these mistakes to continue to enjoy cooking on your glass top gas stove.

Can a Glass Top Stove Crack be Repaired?

A minor glass top stove crack can be repaired by timely buffing it out. A major crack is tricky to repair the crack and should be tackled by professionals who will assess the damage and treat it accordingly or will need to change or replace the entire glass top completely.

Steps to Follow in Case of Glass Top Stove Crack

The glass top stove crack needs to be managed at the earliest. Even a minor scratch or crack if left unattended can result in a full glass top crack. Keep the following steps in mind in the unfortunate scenario of a glass top stove crack:

  1. Do not use the glass top stove any further.
  2. Switch off and disconnect the gas connection.
  3. Check the warranty on the model of the glass top stove provided by the company.
  4. Ask the company's customer care for the immediate action to be taken to prevent further widening of the crack.
  5. Ensure that the glass top is either buffed out in case of a minor crack or the glass top is appropriately repaired in case of a major crack.
  6. If the crack cannot be repaired then it is advisable to replace the glass top at the earliest.

Precautions to Take to Prevent Glass Top Stove Crack

Once you are aware that what causes a glass top stove to crack , following measures help in preventing the glass top stove crack to the maximum extent possible. Without further ado, let's check all the precautionary points one by one:

  1. Ensure that the utensils and cookware being used are of good quality that distributes the heat evenly, else uneven heat distribution for long might cause breakage.
  2. Refer to the company's user guidelines. The user manual must be read and referred before beginning to use the glass top stove as every brand and its model are distinct and needs care before and after cooking.
  3. Cleaning the glass top after cooking is important but refrain from using coarse cleaning scrubs that can scratch the surface.
  4. Ensure not to drop any heavy objects or utensil over the glass top that might break it.
  5. Refrain from dragging any utensil over the glass top that can cause scratches or a breakage.
  6. If a pan or pot has been boiling dry without the liquid, it can cause the glass top to break. 
  7. A gas tandoor should be wisely used as it is big and covers the whole burner. Using it for long causes excessive heat production which might cause the glass top to crack eventually. 

If all these points are considered while using the glass top stoves then the scratches or breakage can be prevented.

We hope that you find this article useful and are able to resolve your queries and confusion regarding what causes a glass top stove to crack, precautions, and follow up steps. Now you can use your glass top stove more confidently while experiencing the joy of cooking for your family.