There are many things that one must consider while going ahead with one plan on buying a gas stove online. Gas stoves are as diverse as your needs. One must be aware of their intent before hitting that checkout button online.

To make things simpler, our experts have listed down the vital points that one must keep in mind while planning to buy a gas stove.

Things That You Ought To Look for While Buying a Gas Stove Online!

As we mentioned before, buying a gas stove is easy, buying the right one that fits your needs is difficult. You must consider certain points before making a purchase decision. Here are some key points to ponder before selecting a gas stove for your kitchen.


The first thing that you should look for while buying a gas stove is your need. Yes! That's right, you need to be clear with what your gas stove needs are. Whether you live in a small apartment or have 5+ family members to feed. Until unless you know what the desired outcome from your purchase should be, there is no point in investing time in any further steps.

Hence ascertaining things like how many members are there in your family, how much space you have in your kitchen, and the volume of food you would need to cook regularly - must be crystal clear in your mind.


The biggest thing that you need to factor in while planning to buy a gas stove is your budget. It should be in sync with your needs. Markets are flooded with gas stove options with varying price points. You must explore them and ensure that things are in-tune with your budget.

Number of Burners

People often get obsessed with the number of burners. More the better is not the mantra here. You should not be buying a 5 burner gas stove just because you can afford it. Think in terms of utility. If a 3 burner gas stove is fine for you then go for it. No need to waste money and fuel on something that you would seldom use to its peak capacity.

Type of Burner

Presently we encounter 3 types of burners when shopping for gas stoves in India. Brass, steel, and aluminum. Trust us, brass burners are far more superior (and somewhat expensive) than the other two. If you can, always go for a gas stove that comes with brass burners.


The brand does matter. The brand is a promise and brand value is something that's earned over the years working on keeping that promise perfectly. Always check the brand value of the gas stove that you plan to buy. There are many that you can check, we are listing some of them below:

Sr. No.BrandsBuy Now
1.PrestigeBuy From Amazon
2.ButterflyBuy From Amazon
3.ElicaBuy From Amazon
4.WhirlpoolBuy From Amazon

You check more about the gas stoves produced by these brands by clicking on the links above.

Hob or Cooktop or Portable

A hob or a built-in hob is a gas stove in essence with a difference, it is fixed and becomes a fixture. That is something in contrast to a cooktop which is pretty much movable and can be adjusted as per your needs. Then there are portable gas stoves that can be very much carried around like a suitcase or a backpack. So once again things boil down to your particular needs.

We can make things easier for you here. Our experts have already covered these gas stove product categories pretty well. Just click on the links mentioned below to know more about them.

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End Note

Again, buying a gas stove should always be focused on your needs rather than what you can afford. Give it a cool thought and then evaluate your options well. It's not that you would be buying a gas stove every day.

Buying a gas stove is generally a one-time process as these appliances are built to last long. Make the right selection as that's the only thing that would guarantee satisfaction and wise use of your money.

Do let us know if you need some guidance in selecting the right one. Our team of experts would be more than glad to help you out.