Technology has evolved everything and even kitchen and kitchen equipment don’t remain untouched. In the modern age, buying a gas stove is not a simple task. Because the Indian kitchen market has an abundance of brands that sell stoves of several types, choosing one among them is indeed a brainy task. Apart from your needs, kitchen aesthetic, and size, the best gas stove majorly depends on the durability, functionality, safety, and build quality of the stove. Every buyer wants a gas stove that can help them in making everything fast. If you are also stuck with which burner is good for a gas stove, read this post meticulously to understand the types of burners and their benefits.

To prepare a quick meal in a hassle-free manner, gas burners play an essential role. Even gas burner types are numerous, brass burner, aluminum burner, sealed burner, are some of the famous burner types you might have heard. All these burners are safe, durable, fuel-efficient, and cook food properly but slightly different from each other. Now coming to which is the best gas burner for you, you have to learn their features to make them fit for your family. Dig out this post to learn which burner is good for a gas stove and pick the best one that accommodates your needs.

Types of Burners According to the Material Quality

As per material quality, we have two types of burners: Brass Burner and Aluminum Burner

Benefits of Brass Burners

  • Brass burners are easy to use. Plus, the setup is also buttery smooth.
  • The key feature of the brass burner is that it gets warmed up quickly. Plus, it sends the heat uniformly to ensure food gets cooked properly.
  • On the front of durability, a brass burner promises long life despite how much or how extensively it’s being used. Furthermore, they are corrosion-resistant.
  • They can withstand any temperature and any weather condition. So wherever you are putting up, brass burners provide you with the best and totally hassle-free cooking experience.
  • The main appealing feature of a brass burner is that it is safe for kids too. Thus if you have kids at your home, a brass burner gas stove might be the best addition to your kitchen.

Benefits of Aluminum Burners

  • Aluminum burners are one of the traditional burners and are still occupied by most users because they are cheap. If you have a tight budget, gas stoves equipped with aluminum burners are a suitable pick for you.
  • The second main benefit of the aluminum burners is that they are corrosion resistant but need frequent maintenance.
  • Aluminum burners also have low melting points.

Type of Burners According to the Ignition System

Standing pilot burner, sealed burners, and electric ignition systems are three main categories of burners based on the ignition power source.

Benefits of Standing Pilot Burner

A standing pilot burner is a standard ignition device and has been in use for years. It has a continuous burning flame under the cooking top.

  • This is one of the major gas burners used not only in India but also worldwide.
  • Standing pilot gas burners are highly tested, which provides long-lasting durability.
  • The other major benefit of this type of burner is that it also adds heat to the home during the winter.

Benefits of Electric Ignition Gas Burners

In these types, the burner is ignited by the electric sparks produced as a result of a clicking noise. These are based on electric ignition.

  • Electric ignition-based gas burners are trendy items nowadays.
  • They are more fuel-efficient as compared to standing pilot gas burners.
  • The other main highlight of this burner is that it needs less maintenance.

Benefits of Sealed Gas Burners

It has a seal between the frame that holds the pans or pots and the burner. Hence, the burner gets sealed to the cooktop.

  • This is one of the easy maintenance options available in the market.
  • If you have a small family or if you aspire to have or don't require the high power of standing pilot or the electric ignition, a sealed gas burner choice is perfect to go with you.
  • Sealed Gas burners are very manageable and they are also maintenance-free when compared to other gas burner types.

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Final Verdict

Through the above post, you’ll get to know how many types of gas burners are available in the market and which is the best gas burner for you. All have their pros and cons and one can choose as per the requirement of their family.

  • Brass burners are the top choice and are often used in every household as they help in saving fuel.
  • An aluminum burner gas stove is best accommodated for a family who needs an inexpensive gas stove.
  • Electric ignition gas burner is ideal for modern and professional cooks.
  • Sealed gas burners are fit for families with no desire to have an electric ignition gas stove.

We anticipate you found out this post is helpful in understanding which burner is good for a gas stove. Which is your favorite choice in gas burners? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.